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PBS’s “Buried Alive” Unmasks the Truth About Edgar Allan Poe

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The idea of “fake news” feels like a recent phenomenon, a term made popular in the past year thanks to the controversial 2016 election. But as it turns out, “fake news” has been happening for far longer than that, with victims of false reporting sprinkled throughout our history. One of those historical victims? The grandfather of horror himself, Edgar Allan Poe. Famous for his dark writing and haunting plots, Poe has become synonymous with gothic horror. But his private life is considered just as notorious as his work, with rumors about the author pervading our literary culture. Some say that he was just as mad as his characters, while others mention his sexual perversions and opioid addictions. Even his death…

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Here’s Why Edgar Allan Poe Still Matters

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Celebrating the death rather than the birthday of the master of the macabre, is only fitting. On this day October 7, 1849 Edgar Allan Poe died at the age of 40 after he was found in a gutter on a side street in Baltimore, Maryland. Some people say he died from an opium overdose, others say it was alcohol poisoning, some believe it was pneumonia, or murder? No one knows. The circumstances surrounding his death intensifies his mystique. It’s eerie and strangely perfect at the same time that a man famous for composing the scariest stories ever would die under a shadow of mystery and suspicion. I had the fortune of being introduced to Poe when, at 9 years old, I…

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15 literature-inspired jack-o’-lanterns for Halloween

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Next week is Halloween, which makes this prime jack-o’-lantern carving time. But instead of the usual triangle eyes and toothy grin, why not try something a little different this year? If you’re anything like us at BookTrib, all the inspiration you need is currently sitting on your bookshelf. Here are 15 of our favorite literary pumpkins for 2014:   Harry Potter This pumpkin isn’t scaring anyone; it’s just too adorable. You might need to buy a little paint to pull this one off, but it’s worth it for his spiky hair alone.   Frankenstein A perfect likeness of Frankenstein’s monster. Plus he looks appropriately broody.   The Hobbit Love the image they captured of his back and that familiar logo.…

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