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The Jubilee Problem

BookTrib Q&A: Father-Daughter Duo Charles Veley and Anna Elliot on Their New Sherlock Holmes Narrative Series

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Accomplished authors in their own right, father-daughter duo Charles Veley and Anna Elliott have been teaming up to bring a whole new take to the Sherlock Holmes stories. Shaking up the typical narrative is the introduction of Lucy James, a headstrong, independent American actress – who also turns out to be Holmes’ daughter. Together with the stabilizing presence of the ever-faithful Watson, they become partner sleuths, navigating their way through the worst crimes, facing down archenemies, and unraveling mysteries. BookTrib caught up with Charles Veley and Anna Elliot to talk about creating the daughter of Sherlock Holmes, the resurgence of Holmes in pop culture, and working together.   BookTrib: Lucy James is such a fantastic character, and she’s been so…

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