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‘Strong to the Bone’ is Jon Land’s Most ‘Introspective’ Book in Series

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In September, author James R. Hannibal (The Fourth Ruby) gave an outstanding review of Jon Land’s latest in the Caitlin Strong series, Strong to the Bone, which was released today.  Here we revisit Hannibal’s review of what he calls Land‘s most “introspective” and deeply “insightful” book in the series.   Rape. Racism. White Supremacy. These are hard words to read, and even harder to write. It feels risky, dangerous even to offer such evil the permanence of ink on paper. In Strong to the Bone author Jon Land refuses to shy away from that risk, exposing those evils with the right blend of delicacy and rage, while still bringing the intense action and thrills readers of his Caitlin Strong series have come to expect.…

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Get Ready. Get Set. Get Published. BookTrib’s FIRST Writing Contest!

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Looking for a way to get your writing career off the ground? Let us help you launch it! Here’s a great opportunity for anyone who considered a career as a writer to be published! Our inaugural memoir writing contest is your chance to compete for a  gig as a BookTrib Contributor. Inspired by Kathleen Hill’s memoir, She Read to Us in the Late Afternoons: A Life in Novels, the writing contest is a chance for you to show us how books have made your life special! We are looking, specifically, for narratives in the style of Hill’s book that connect recollections of life events to a specific book that invokes a memory. Writers should submit clear, eloquent, creative work of no more…

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Cold Weather Thrillers You Absolutely Have to Read This November

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This November, the weather is getting cold and we’re ready to sit down and read some favorites. Thrillers are a hit right now, so we have some suggestions for you to help you pick up the next novel for your bookshelf. The Midnight Line, Lee Child Jack Reacher, the best series hero in thrillers today, seems even bigger than usual in Lee Child’s mesmerizing The Midnight Line, in which he finds himself embroiled in a high stakes criminal conspiracy that raises the stakes considerably from his past adventures. The set-up is pure gold, with Reacher typically stepping off a bus to stretch his legs and happening upon something that sets the story off to the races. In this case, it’s…

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