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New York Times Best Seller Laura Lippman is Back with ‘Sunburn’ an Intriguing and Provocative Literary Noir Novel

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There’s nothing quite like a thriller that embodies everything we love about the noir genre: the mind games, cat-and-mouse-like chases, forbidden desires, dark pasts and even darker secrets. Literary noir is in a whole realm of its own. The latest and most anticipated addition to the genre is Laura Lippman’s Sunburn.  Lippman is best known for her Tess Monaghan Series about a Baltimore reporter-turned-accidental Private Investigator. Sunburn, however, promises to be a dark, provocative and heady new addition to Lippman’s resume. Polly and Adam meet randomly at a tavern in Delaware, both strangers just passing through. Polly’s headed out West, and Adam’s leaving to go somewhere else, too. Yet somehow, they both end up staying, winding into a summer-long affair, full of romance and sex.…

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