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See the Eerie First Trailer for Adaptation of ‘The Terror’

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Dan Simmons’ British Fantasy Award-nominated novel The Terror sails onto the small screen this spring on AMC. Based on the real-life disappearance of the Captain Sir John Franklin mission in 1845, Simmons’ critically acclaimed book imagines what might have befallen the men of the HMS Erebus and HMS Terror during their doomed quest for the Northwest passage. Although brief, the trailer captures the atmosphere of claustrophobic mystery that makes Simmons’ epic about ice-locked, desperate crews stalked by a mysterious creature so unmissable. If the series holds true to the novel, it will likely appeal to history buffs as well as fans of horror and fantasy. Simmons’ richly detailed book relies heavily on meticulous research about the real-life members of the…

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Review: Stacy Schiff’s ‘The Witches’ Filled with Surprises and Lessons

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In 1692, at the edge of colonial settlement in the New World—a place that a visitor once called a “remote, rocky, barren, bushy, wild-woody wilderness”—panic had set in. It began during an exceptionally raw Massachusetts winter, when, without warning, a minister’s niece inexplicably began to scream and convulse. It ended less than a year later, after 19 men and women—and two dogs—had been executed for witchcraft. The most educated men and prominent politicians were involved in the terror that swept over the young colony. “A daughter accused her mother, who in turn accused her mother, who accused a neighbor and a minister,” writes Pulitzer Prize-winning author Stacy Schiff. “A wife and daughter denounced their husband and father. Husbands implicated wives;…

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