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The Elderly Female Antihero We Never Knew We Needed

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What if the quiet old lady down the hall was a cold-blooded killer? Maud an 88-year-old introverted Swedish woman, seems so innocuous and frail….but of course maybe that’s the perfect cover for getting away with murder. In Helene Tursten’s An Elderly Lady Is Up To No Good (Soho Press), the resources normal senior citizens rely on for rehabilitation quickly turn to tools of revenge in the skilled hands of a mastermind no one was suspecting, but everyone will relish reading. Helene Tursten, author of the popular Irene Huss investigation series, has shifted her focus from a dedicated cop looking to enforce the law to a crafty senior citizen using all of her elderly wiles to try and escape it. Motivated…

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Celebrity Chef Marcus Samuelsson Shows You How to “Make it Messy”

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Marcus Samuelsson, whose heady stew of an Ethiopian-Swedish upbringing cooked up a world-famous career as a chef, actually wanted to be a professional soccer player. When it became clear he was too small to go pro, he traded in his cleats for the Rolls-Royce of kitchen knives, the Sabatier, and embraced the organized chaos also known as the restaurant kitchen. He reveals the outsized appetites that inspired his stunning career in Make it Messy: My Perfectly Imperfect Life (Delacorte Books, June 2015) written with Veronica Chambers. His upbringing was molded by the sights and smells created by many different cooks, starting with the essence of his biological mother’s cooking – the Ethiopian spice, berbere – but his real culinary journey…

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