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New York Times Best Seller Laura Lippman is Back with ‘Sunburn’ an Intriguing and Provocative Literary Noir Novel

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There’s nothing quite like a thriller that embodies everything we love about the noir genre: the mind games, cat-and-mouse-like chases, forbidden desires, dark pasts and even darker secrets. Literary noir is in a whole realm of its own. The latest and most anticipated addition to the genre is Laura Lippman’s Sunburn.  Lippman is best known for her Tess Monaghan Series about a Baltimore reporter-turned-accidental Private Investigator. Sunburn, however, promises to be a dark, provocative and heady new addition to Lippman’s resume. Polly and Adam meet randomly at a tavern in Delaware, both strangers just passing through. Polly’s headed out West, and Adam’s leaving to go somewhere else, too. Yet somehow, they both end up staying, winding into a summer-long affair, full of romance and sex.…

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Just the Right Book Podcast: Inside the WSJ’s Book List; Jeff Goodell’s ‘The Water Will Come’

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Looking for a good book to curl up with this winter? We’ve got you covered! In this week’s episode of Just the Right Book Podcast Roxanne is joined by Ellen Gamerman, the Arts and Culture reporter for the Wall Street Journal. Ellen takes us inside the Journal and shares some winter reads and even talks Oscars. Also, in this episode Roxanne speaks to author, journalist, and Rolling Stone contributor Jeff Goodell about his latest book, The Water Will Come. Goodell, who has covered climate change for fifteen years, has previously written five books on topics such as the coal industry, Geoengineering and even a memoir about growing up in Silicon Valley. We have certainly heard the doomsday scenarios of the impact of climate change, the warming ocean, the melting glaciers, and…

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Chill Out: 5 Books to Distract You from Your Sunburn

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As a ginger, I happen to be aware of one of life’s fundamental truths: sunburn seriously sucks. From hot discomfort to peeling like a molting snake in the rain forest, having sunburn is frightfully unpleasant. However, in addition to light exfoliation with a warm wash cloth and gentle soap, I can also recommend a book for every occasion to keep your mind off your itchy, fire-engine red skin! Take a look: A Freezing Thriller: Cold (A Joe Tiplady Thriller), John Sweeney (Thomas & Mercer, July 1, 2016) You won’t even think about itching your peeling shoulders while sinking into this espionage thriller, which is cold in more ways than one. This hard-edged novel follows Joe, a special needs teacher with…

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