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Messineo’s ‘The Fire by Night’ Sheds Light on Nurses During Wartime

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Though all wars result in the same atrocious outcome, they are hardly similar in their origins. They often start with an incident, a provocation, appearing to be insignificant, but releasing long-supressed emotions. This can be a process which may take years to burn out. On May 8, 2017, we celebrated the official end of WWII, and though the conflict has been over for more than 70 years, it still continues to consume us on intellectual and spiritual levels. We still try to comprehend how atrocities of this magnitude are possible. We remember the main perpetrators, their names synonymous with locations, whereas all the forgotten heroes and sacrificed populations are collectively remembered as the ‘casualties.’ Even in memory, wars and history…

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What’s it Like to Quit Your Job, Pack 100 Books and Move to Paradise?

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It’s the classic American dream of everyone who’s burnt out, had enough, and ready to give up. “One of these days,” we think, “I’m going to chuck it all and live on a beach on a remote Pacific island.” So many of us have thought about it, yet it’s shocking how few people actually do it. In fact, chances are that you’ve never met a single person who’s left behind the life of deadlines, pressure and hullabaloo to sit in the sand with their feet in the water. Well, meet Alex Sheshunoff. With a Yale degree in hand, Sheshunoff started and ran the Internet company E-the People, a non-partisan precursor to MoveOn.org. The company was a tremendous success, but soon,…

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