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An Abusive Storyline to Make a Point About Violence

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Since writing Death by the River, (Vesuvian) a YA thriller about a psychotic man and the depraved acts he commits on young women, I’m often asked how could I help pen such a violent and abusive storyline. It’s a good question, but in a culture saturated with the #MeToo movement and pro-women agendas, we have to realize that no matter how much we think we’re progressing, we haven’t accomplished a hell of a lot where violence against women is concerned. In Louisiana, where Death by the River is set, 600 to 700 acts of sexual assault in high schools are reported annually (Bale, L. 2018). Many mental health counselors feel the actual amount is three to four times that number.…

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Tall Poppies Review: Perfectly Timed, Socially Relevant, “What Happened That Night” Is a Must-Read

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Perfectly-timed and socially-relevant, What Happened That Night by Sandra Block is a page-turning thriller that will satisfy readers of Lisa Scottaline and Jessica Knoll. This story is an emotional and twisting ride that follows Dahlia and her new friend James on a journey of payback and justice for an unquestionably terrible act of violence. Dahlia is a student at Harvard when she is drugged and brutally raped by a string of attackers during a night out partying with her best friend. Five years later in what seems like a surprising twist of circumstances, someone leaks the video of the assault on-line, and Dahlia discovers what really happened on that awful night, getting a shocking look at her attackers and what they did…

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The Gift of Gab: How Actress Gabrielle Union’s First Book Inspired Conversations across College Campuses

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Recently, hashtags such as #MeToo have sparked conversation and allowed sexual assault survivors to stand in solidarity with one another and share their experiences without shame. Last month, college students from schools in the Atlanta University Center (AUC)— which houses Spelman College, Morehouse College and Clark Atlanta University, created the hashtag #WeKnowWhatYouDid to bring attention to rape in the AUC and call out those who got away assaulting other students. The hashtag started after several students posted the names of alleged rapists across the three campuses in hopes of forcing AUC administrators to take action against the accused.  Signs bearing the phrases, “No More Secrets,” “Morehouse Protects Rapists” and “Spelman Protects Rapists” were also posted, but were later removed by campus police. Rape and assault at…

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