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Charlie Donlea’s Fictional Answer to Crime Docu-Dramas

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Over the past few years, podcasts and television shows like Serial and Netflix’s Making A Murderer have taken over the country, if not the world. Thousands of people tune in every day to find out what happened next in these real-life cases where the question of did they or didn’t they pervades throughout the entire trial and beyond. Now, in a thriller unlike any other out there, Charlie Donlea has provided us with the book we didn’t even know we could have. Don’t Believe It is basically the literary answer to those true crime dramas: Sidney Ryan is a filmmaker, whose on-going docu-drama The Girl of Sugar Beach has taken over the country. Ten years previous in St. Lucia, Grace Sebold was arrested and convicted…

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Undisclosed is One of Three True Crime Podcasts We’re Devouring

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As soon as I listened to season one of Serial two years ago, I was hooked on true crime. There’s just something strangely compelling about a real-life mystery unfolding before your eyes – despite the potentially gruesome subject matter. And I’m not alone. From the success of documentaries like Making a Murderer to the 20th anniversary of JonBenét Ramsey’s death in 2016, true crime has been everywhere the last few years. My mother finds this deeply unsettling. ‘Who wants to hear about that horrible stuff?’ she often asks. Umm, me and pretty much everyone else on earth. Not only are these often crazy, interesting stories, but there’s a voyeuristic quality that’s both horrifying and fascinating. It’s our greatest fears come to life,…

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Murder, He Wrote: The Night Of-Inspired Summer Reading

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Based solely on the first episode, the new HBO limited series, The Night Of, seems to be equal parts True Detective and NPR’s Serial in the best ways possible. The story follows a young man, Nasir Khan (who goes by Naz) who gets swept into a horrible crime after a night of misguided frivolity with a mysterious, beautiful woman. Naz, a college student, picks her up in his father’s cab on his way to the popular kids’ college party, and has a dreamlike night of sex, drugs and odd drunken knife games before waking up to a nightmare: the woman’s body has been stabbed to death in bed next to him. Naz, who clearly doesn’t watch a lot of Law & Order, flees…

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