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“The Winter Riddle:” A Dark Farcical Yuletide Fantasy

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As winter time fast approaches, ’tis the perfect excuse season to bury yourself in blankets and curl up with a good book. Just in time for the holidays for fans of Sam Hooker’s first book, The Peril in the Old Country, or admirers of Terry Pratchett, The Winter Riddle (Black Spot Books) will captivate and delight. Set in the North Pole, Sam Hooker’s latest features an alliance between the Winter Witch and Santa. These characters are anything but how you expect them though. The Winter Witch Volgha would rather spend her time alone with her spells than get involved in any kingdom affairs. To her evil forces are just as bothersome as navigating social niceties. Santa too is not the jolly old man he is…

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You Can’t Reboot a Book: The Beauty in Reading to Your Children

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It’s interactive, it will transport you from one time and world into the next, but most importantly, it builds lasting relationships. Today, getting children to focus is a challenge—there’s media everywhere. Lights, sounds, internet games; that’s enough to distract anybody, let alone a child who’s in the developing stages of life. We all know that children are sponges, but what is it that they are absorbing? Be it a cell phone, gaming console, or computer, the synergy is between the child and the machine. What is it that they are learning? Is this machine an extension of them? There are plenty of scifi novels and movies that tell us where that might get us. When you read a book to…

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