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BookTrib Q&A: Author Ryan Avery Talks Generational Differences and ‘Motivating Millennials’

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The word millennials is one that lately, is used a lot; and when it comes to business, some of the most common things you hear is that millennials are lazy and don’t work hard. But Ryan Avery and James Goodnow are here to correct that misconception: it’s not that millennials are lazy, it’s that they’re not being motivated. In their book Motivating Millennials: How to Recognize, Recruit and Retain the Next Generation of Leaders, Avery and Goodnow work to bridge the generation-gap confusion in the workplace, showing people how to properly motivate, encourage, and work with this next generation. A definite must-read for every boss and business owner, BookTrib talked with co-author Ryan Avery about how the book got started, millennial misconceptions, and…

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