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Jon’s Picks: Chilly February Thrillers You Won’t Want to Read Alone!

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The latest issue of Strand Magazine includes a superb, previously unpublished story by Raymond Chandler that’s a must-read for all mystery fans. Giving it a read myself made me think of the incredible influence writers like Chandler have had on the genre, inspiration for this month’s columns featuring some of the best mystery writers working today. We start with Rhode Island native Lisa Gardner’s Look for Me (Dutton, 400 pages, $27.00). The Chandler influence is visible right from the start of a tale forged from the grand tradition of noir when the bodies of four out of five members of the Baez family are found murdered in their home outside Boston. The lone survivor, sixteen-year-old Roxanna, is missing, and it’s…

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‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ Premiered on FOX: Re-live it with Our Reads for Rosa

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With her dark hair and pink highlights, she’s mysterious, secretive, and highly intelligent. Last night, Rosa Diaz and the cast of Brooklyn Nine-Nine returned to FOX. After last season’s twisting finale that no one saw coming, we’re all looking forward to seeing what Jake and Rosa will be up to! Despite the predicament that they find themselves in now, we’re sure it will be every bit as hilarious as the previous seasons. Season 5 of Brooklyn Nine-Nine returns to Fox on September 26th. Played for four seasons now by Stephanie Beatriz, Rosa is not only the toughest on the show, but notoriously hard to read. While we do know some things about her (she really likes the movie Robocop, and believes everyone should have their own…

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