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Aliza Licht’s “Leave Your Mark” Says: Turn Yourself into a Bestseller

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In this always-connected, always-plugged-in world, your personal brand is more critical than ever. Coming from an entrepreneurial family, I know a little something about personal branding. The term may sound modern – and of course, the practice and philosophy of personal branding changes with the times – but in fact, it’s an age-old truism: You’ve got to self-promote. You’ve got to get yourself out there. My grandfather was a self-employed electrician. In those days, there was no social media. No Internet, no cell phones, no instant communication outside of the telephone. Even so, there were business cards and the all-important reputation, fueled mostly by word-of-mouth. How do people know you?¬†What do they know about you? Over time, people came to…

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