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Memoirs Take Center Stage in This Week’s List of New Releases

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Memoirs take center stage in this weeks list of new releases. Garth Brooks documents the first five years of his career in the; Olympic gymnast Aly Raisman shares her journey from the gym to Olympic gold; and Rachel Jeffs’ riveting escape from her abusive father and the fundamentalist Mormon church she was raised in.   The Anthology Part 1 – Limited Edition, Garth Brooks This limited edition book covers the beginning years of Garth Brooks’ work. The project is definitely a project of love, and includes never-before-seen photos, documents the evolution of his music, and the firsts: that first time being recorded, the first time hearing himself on the radio, and the first time topping at #1 in the charts.…

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4 Essential P.D. James books

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Since 1962, English author P.D. James—who passed away on November 27 at age 94—delighted readers with a new kind of crime fiction. Despite the fact that they share a home country, and rampant popularity, James actually has little in common with Agatha Christie, to whom she’s too often compared. Never one to mince words—I had the pleasure of interviewing her in 2009 and she was as feisty as ever—James considered Christie, who created Hercule Poirot and Jane Marple, “such a bad writer.” The normally staid, locked room mysteries of Christie and her Golden Age contemporaries didn’t interest James—her tales are darker, the crimes bloodier, the murders more than plot contrivances. The deaths that confront her protagonists, from her long-time series…

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