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nobu: a memoir

Chef Nobu Matsuhisa’s New Memoir is Comfort Food for the Literary Soul

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Not many people have lead a life like that of Nobu Matsuhisa.┬áBorn in Saitama, Japan, he and his brother were raised solely by their mother, their father dying in a traffic accident when Matsuhisa was just seven years old. After graduating high school, he worked at a restaurant for seven years, in Tokyo, before moving to Peru at the age of 24, at the urging of a regular customer-turned-sponsor, to open a Japanese restaurant. What followed has created history: unable to find the Japanese ingredients he has used for so long, Nobu was forced to improvise, using local Peruvian ingredients to create Japanese dishes, which would ultimately become Nobu’s signature flare. With more than a dozen restaurants open under his…

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