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“That Kind of Mother” Takes on the Challenges of Race and Motherhood

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Rebecca Stone desperately needs help with her newborn and Priscilla, a La Leche nurse from the hospital comes to her rescue. Having experience being a mother herself when she was a single, teen mother many years ago, Priscilla leaves her job at the hospital to become the nanny for Rebecca’s baby. Rebecca feels extremely close to Priscilla, confiding her fears, the hopes and dreams she had for herself and has for her child. She looks at Priscilla as a source of stability in her life, all while learning how to care for a child, and just what it means to be a mother.  Priscilla ends up changing the way that Rebecca looks on not only motherhood, but also the world…

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DIY MFA Radio Episode 132: Capturing Diverse Experiences on the Page — Interview with Shanthi Sekaran

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This week Gabriela Pereira interviews Shanthi Sekaran about her new novel: Lucky Boy. This moving story is about two unforgettable women in California: an undocumented Mexican woman and an Indian-American wife, both of whom love the same child but can’t have him. The novel beautifully weaves together the themes of motherhood, immigration, infertility, adoption and minority life in America. It is a must-read in our current political environment. For more detailed show notes, visit DIYMFA.com/132.

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Oh, baby, what a shower gift! Honest books for expectant mothers

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Crib sheets. Burp cloths. Receiving blankets. Diapers. These are useful items, for sure, but not exactly inspiring on the subject of motherhood. If you’re shopping for a baby shower, consider giving a gift that will provide the expectant mother a bit of comfort and insight as she approaches this major life change: a book. The recommendations we’ve included below are perfect for any mother looking for some helpful perspective on her little bundle of joy. Operating Instructions: A Journal of My Son’s First Year by Anne Lamott (Pantheon) Novelist and memoirist Anne Lamott captures her experiences as a single mother and recovering alcoholic during her son’s first year of life in a memoir that is both poignant and hilarious. Not…

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