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Barnes & Noble Kitchen: Bookseller’s Perfect Pairing of Books and Food is Our New Favorite Thing

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What goes better with a good book than food (other than a little wine)? Barnes & Noble Kitchen is answering the call of the new wave literati and pairing its bookstores with a variety of food choices for book-loving foodies in four major U.S. cities. This week, the retail chain opened up the fourth Barnes & Noble Kitchen in Plano, Texas. – Like its predecessors, this one comes with a full-service bar, and restaurant serving American cuisine like grilled salmon, salads and hamburgers. Unlike the Starbucks Caf√© in traditional Barnes & Noble’s bookstores, the ‘Kitchens’ are fairly upscale and serve a full breakfast, lunch and dinner menu. In an interview with¬†Dallas News, Chef Robbie Nowlin said they’re working to expand…

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