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The Crate: A Story of War, a Murder, and Justice

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A few years ago I received a surreal phone call telling me there had been a murder. Whaaaat? A crate had been discovered. It had been hidden on our property. We opened it. And nothing could have prepared us for the horror inside. My first book, The Crate: A Story of War, a Murder, and Justice, is not a book I expected to write. I live an ordinary little life in Connecticut as a publicist, wife and mother. I always imagined writing a romance, maybe, or even a historical fiction, since that’s my favorite genre to read. From my little bubble, I never thought I’d be telling the true story of a violent crime that rocked my family. The discovery…

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Take a Time Out: Happy National Dance Day!

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July 30 is National Dance Day! Instead of sitting on your bum and chillin’ on the couch, put that book to the side for just a few minutes and get in some good exercise — the fun way. Get down and boogie to celebrate this happiest of American holidays (which you probably didn’t hear about until right now). Whether your’re a jitterer, a gyrator, a ballerina, or a stand-with-your-hands-in-your-pockets-and-nod kind of dancer, everyone can crack a smile and do a little jig. Enjoy this fantastic high-energy playlist put together by the BookTrib writers for your dancing pleasure! Dance Move Examples:             Main Image: Courtesy ABC, via Bigstock.

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