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The Hot List: This Week’s Smoking New Releases

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We all love a good book, but a good book is even better when it is so hot, you can’t put it down! This week we present our new Tuesday feature, The Hot List, a list of brand new releases that anyone who is anyone will be reading and talking about! Stay in the know as we share these smoking, hot new releases with you each week.  This week’s list includes new books in a variety of genres, from sci-fi to romance, to musical memoirs and even the latest adult coloring books sure to help you connect with you inner child and release some stress.  We guarantee, there is something here everyone will want to read. Romance Drawn to Him:…

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Thrills and Chills: 6 Hauntingly Good Reads for September

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Are you looking for thrills this September but you aren’t quite sure where to look? With October fast approaching, everybody is looking for some jumps, and these thrillers sure pack the punch! Harlan Coben vacates the comfortable suburban world he’s often made so uncomfortable for a trip into crime noir with his typically superb Don’t Let Go. We’ve never met the book’s anti-hero New Jersey homicide detective Napoleon Dumas before, but he feels familiar for all the right reasons. Haunted by the murder of his twin brother Leo and Leo’s girl friend since high school, Dumas’ life takes a shocking turn when the fingerprints of his own long missing girlfriend Maura turn up in a murder investigation in the present.…

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