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The Books Are Better: ‘Snowden’ is a Failure, at Least by Oliver Stone’s Standards

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Who would have thought that Oliver Stone would play it safe? I certainly wouldn’t think the JFK and Platoon helmsman would decide to pull back when exploring one of the most important stories of the early 21st century regarding our privacy. But I’m here to tell you, Stone played it too close to the vest. Snowden stars the multifaceted Joseph Gordon-Levitt as the titular Edward Snowden, who at his personal expense exposed how the National Security Agency is able to spy on anyone with a cell phone or internet connection. Many historians think this revelation was more impactful than Daniel Ellsburg’s ‘Pentagon Papers’ revealing the impending failure of the Vietnam War. The movie is based on two books, The Snowden Files (Vintage, 2014) by…

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Sin City returns in all its gory, film noir glory

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It would take a gumshoe with street smarts of Sam Spade, the insight of Philip Marlowe, and the cinematic magic of today’s top filmmakers to track down all the myriad ingredients that blended to produce Sin City. That 2005 film was the dark, ultra-violent collection of tales created by writer/illustrator/director Frank Miller and filmmaker Robert Rodriguez, whose latest entry in the franchise, Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, hits theaters August 22. The first Sin City, based on  Miller’s collection of graphic novels, opened to critical and popular acclaim for its compelling stories as well as for its groundbreaking visual style. Sin City is black-and-white storytelling taken to a level never seen before in cinema history. While previous black-and-white…

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