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Have Book, Will Travel: 6 Literary Road Trips

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The most effective way humans can connect with and understand one another is, arguably, through a shared experience. If you have ever read a novel that detailed a personal experience or an awakening you resonated with, then you’re probably aware of the intricate emotional connection that literature can evoke. Narratives, featuring trying or thought-provoking journeys as a plot basis, can be highly inspirational. Readers may find themselves yearning for that experience, usually to better understand themselves or reality as a whole. Mimicking literary works — or aspects of them — in real-life can also provide insights into the author’s point-of-view, deepening that connection that transcends time and space. There are several works that leave bread crumb trails throughout North America.…

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St. Patrick’s Day: 4 Literary Pubs You Should Have on Your Travel List

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Every year on the weekend before St. Patrick’s Day I walk a few blocks from my home to our town’s annual parade with an Irish coffee in hand. My friends and I catch the parade route starting at the very beginning and follow it all the way downtown where the crowd thickens and a sea of folks decked out in green spill out of the doors of every pub. It’s always a lively time and definitely gets everyone in the spirit of St. Paddy’s day. This year, as I bar hopped along the festive parade route, I wondered about the history of many of the bars in my hometown. My literary background caused me to wonder which famous authors drank…

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Get Your Paper Towns Fix With These Road Trip Reads

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I’m a little bit of a John Green junkie. His quick, witty writing style sucked me in at Looking for Alaska and I haven’t looked back since. Which is why I’m so excited for the movie adaptation of Paper Towns, out July 24th: The movie promises to capture the mysterious, playful feel of the novel, as we follow Quentin on his search for Margo after spending one perfect night together. The story turns into a pretty epic road trip as he searches for clues, and eventually has to confront the reality of the girl-next-door. As far back as On the Road, by Jack Kerouac, road trip novels have become synonymous with coming-of-age tales. There’s just something about a long stretch…

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