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Book and Wine Combos Perfect for Summer Reading

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Picture your perfect evening in: What do you see? A nice big book? A glass of wine? Yeah, us too. Miriam Parker, author of The Shortest Way Home, is very much on the same page. In Parker’s novel, a woman named Hannah gives up her glamorous life in Manhattan to go work at a winery in Sonoma. Here, Parker shares the wines she’d pair with some of her own favorite novels. Read on for some excellent pairings. The only thing better than reading a book in a comfy chair or by a pool is having some wine to pair with it. My novel is set in a fictional California winery and is about finding the path you’re meant to follow. The path you are…

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Dr. Jamie Koufman’s recipe for a heartburn-free Thanksgiving

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What a way to ruin Thanksgiving. You’re thankful for family and friends, you’re thankful for the fantastic, not-too-dry turkey and you didn’t get stuffed on stuffing. But you’re not so thankful for the burning sensation that persists right below your sternum. Thankfully, Dr. Jamie Koufman, offers cooks—and, more importantly, eaters—several tasty, heartburn-quenching recipes to keep holiday tables reflux-free. Her book, Dropping Acid: The Reflux Diet Cookbook and Cure” presents more than a few recipes that are sure to make this holiday happy and healthy. For example, why not try a vegetable frittata made with quinoa? How about a sweet potato and green bean salad followed by a festive mushroom stew? Or a Parmesan and dill popcorn snack, to keep your…

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