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Women’s History Month: 25 Upcoming YA Novels Packed with Girl Power

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It’s Women’s History Month and we are looking forward to all the events and books that celebrate the impact that women have on the world. In addition to bringing you the latest pop culture news and reviews where women are the focus, this month, we are also going to share with you some of the best BookTrib articles of the past that celebrate women and diversity.  Today, we feature this piece from January 10th, 2018 about upcoming YA novels packed full of girl power.  From Katniss to Clary, young adult novels have introduced us to some of the most kickass heroines in literature. This year is no exception, with tons of great female-driven YAs on the horizon by some of our favorite authors. Whether they’re fantasy, contemporary,…

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Who Run the World?! 7 Books for Women’s Equality Day

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First thing’s first – here’s the soundtrack for this article:   On this glorious day, August 26, in the glorious year of 1920, the 19th Amendment to the United States Constitution was certified as law. For anyone not up on their Constitutional Amendments (YOU SHOULD BE), that’s the one that gave women the right to vote. So, to commemorate the date, we have Women’s Equality Day, a holiday that celebrates ladies getting a right we should have had from the very beginning. Women’s Equality Day is a well-intentioned holiday that’s still a bit touchy, mainly because the subject of women’s equality is still about as frustrating and divisive as it was in 1920. The gender wage gap is still a…

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