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Prison Break Creator Paul T. Scheuring Talks New Book ‘The Far Shore’ and Rebooting a Fan Favorite TV Show

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The insanely talented Paul T. Scheuring is adding another title to his repertoire: author. The Prison Break writer and creator has penned a new novel, The Far Shore, releasing on March 7 and BookTrib was granted inside access to find out more. Read on to see what Scheuring has to say about his book, the inspiration behind it and a teaser on the rebooted season 5 of Prison Break, which premieres April 4 on FOX.  BookTrib: As the creator, writer and producer of TV and movies, like fan-favorite Prison Break, what pushed you to want to write a novel? Paul. T Scheuring: I think, like a lot of writers in Hollywood–who are subject to a constant barrage of notes on their work…

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Charity Will Transform Your Life and Make You Happy

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It’s better to give than to receive, the old cliché tells us, but why is this true? Is this some sort of Puritanical message designed to purge us of the sin of selfishness? Or could this old saying hold the secret to something more? Giving does more than just make us better people, says author and philanthropy advisor Jenny Santi. The act of giving, Santi says, holds a transformative power—it’s “the most satisfying thing you’ll ever do.” And in her new book The Giving Way to Happiness: Stories and Science Behind the Transformative Power of Giving (Tarcher Books; October 27, 2015), she gives us a look at all the ways that giving can change our lives. Santi has spent her…

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