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‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ Premiered on FOX: Re-live it with Our Reads for Rosa

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With her dark hair and pink highlights, she’s mysterious, secretive, and highly intelligent. Last night, Rosa Diaz and the cast of Brooklyn Nine-Nine returned to FOX. After last season’s twisting finale that no one saw coming, we’re all looking forward to seeing what Jake and Rosa will be up to! Despite the predicament that they find themselves in now, we’re sure it will be every bit as hilarious as the previous seasons. Season 5 of Brooklyn Nine-Nine returns to Fox on September 26th. Played for four seasons now by Stephanie Beatriz, Rosa is not only the toughest on the show, but notoriously hard to read. While we do know some things about her (she really likes the movie Robocop, and believes everyone should have their own…

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In the Course of Human Events beats Fight Club in a knockout

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Much has changed in the eighteen years since Fight Club was published. In 1996, the flourishing economy awarded President Clinton a second term; today, the unemployment rate is stagnant. Someone who bought a hardcopy edition of Fight Club may have wanted to explore the moral trappings of consumer culture, but today’s reader is considerably less curious and considerably poorer. Enter Clyde Twitty. On its surface, In the Course of Human Events (Soft Skull Press, April) bears more than a passing resemblance to Fight Club. Both were written by first-time authors – Mike Harvkey and Chuck Palahniuk, respectively. Both address male alienation in modern times and the fellowship to be gained from bare-knuckle fighting. As such, the comparison behooves Human Events;…

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