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Life After ‘Cat Person’: Why We Need Feminist Novels

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If you haven’t read the short by Kristen Roupenian, ‘Cat Person,’ which just went viral last week, you absolutely have to. Many women find themselves relating to her story, which is why the author sold her collection of short stories so that everyday people will get to experience her truthful writing with an impact, again and again! As you eagerly await the short story collection, there are some other novels being released in the upcoming weeks that follow women’s lives and honest subjects we never knew we needed to learn about until now, inclusive to all women: Black women, transgender, and gay. We all understand the importance and impact of feminism in our lives. Here are 10 feminist novels that…

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Jennifer Mathieu on Feminism, ‘Moxie’, and Fighting Back

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BookTrib is partnering with Bookish to bring you more great content. Picking a favorite book can be tough for any reader, but we can’t deny that Jennifer Mathieu’s Moxie is high on our list. This young adult novel takes readers to an average high school where a quiet girl named Vivian decides that she’s done putting up with sexist behavior. Inspired by her mom’s punk rock zines from the 90s, Viv decides to start a feminist movement, encouraging other girls to join together, stand up, and fight back. Here, Mathieu talks about young feminists today, the importance of intersectionality, and why this book is a love letter to her students. Bookish: You dedicate this book to teens and women fighting for equality, but also to…

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