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Love in Bloom: Spring 2018’s Must-Read Romances

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BookTrib is partnering with Bookish to bring you more great content. Love is in the air and on our bookshelves. This spring is delivering a stunning batch of must-read romance novels that are guaranteed to fill your heart with joy. Contemporary fans will not want to waste a second before diving into the final volume in Alisha Rai’s Forbidden Hearts series, while historical readers will be longing for the end of the season when Eloisa James delivers another Wilde novel. Whether you’re looking for romances about dating apps, gender exploration, or rodeos, we’ve got you covered. Follow your heart and find your next favorite romance. Bad Bachelor (Sourcebooks Casablanca), Stefanie London Dating in New York City can be a nightmare, which is why Brooklyn librarian Darcy Greer downloads the Bad…

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Bookish: The Best Book Covers of 2017

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BookTrib is partnering with Bookish to bring you more great content. People say you shouldn’t judge books by their covers, but here at Bookish we’re not just readers—we’re cover-judging-rebels. As 2017 draws to a close, we wanted to pay homage to the incredible designs that stood out on bookstore shelves like works of art. Are you a rebel too? Let us know what your favorite covers of 2017 were! Picture Books Before She was Harriet, Lesa Cline-Ransome When’s My Birthday?, Julie Fogliano Mighty Moby, Ed Young Pandora, Victoria Turnbull Don’t Blink!, Tom Booth Accident!, Andrea Tsurumi Middle Grade The Stars Beneath Our Feet, David Barclay Moore The Dreadful Tale of Prosper Redding, Alexandra Bracken The First Rule of Punk, Celia C. Perez The List, Patricia…

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From TV to Books: We’re Currently Obsessed with Beauty and the Beast

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Lately it seems like Beauty and the Beast retellings are everywhere. First there’s the live action reboot starring Emma Watson that’s scheduled to come out next year. And then there’s The CW’s Beauty and the Beast, which premiered its fourth and final season on June 2. Not that I’m complaining; I love a good fairy tale retelling, and The CW version, starring Kristin Kreuk and Jay Ryan, is definitely one of my current TV obsessions. It took until last year for me to try out the crime romance, but now I’m hooked. I won’t pretend that it’s the best show on The CW, but Beauty and the Beast is romantic, heartfelt and just campy enough to be fun. Kreuk stars…

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