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Author Cate Holahan Answers One Question about ‘The Widower’s Wife’

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The opening lines to Cate Holahan’s The Widower’s Wife (Crooked Lane Books, August 9, 2016) solidified my perpetual refusal to go on a cruise ship. Her newest thriller follows the investigation of a young wife gone missing on a cruise and she just so happens to have a lofty inheritance. Ryan Monahan, a character I’m dying for Holahan to feature in future work, is on the case to find out what happened to Ana Bacon. Her follow-up to her debut novel, Dark Turns, took me on a weaving narrative to the aftermath and the events leading up to the mysterious woman’s disappearance. Perspective is reality, as the tired, ever-relevant saying goes. For the One Question and Answer series, I asked her about the…

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