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BookTrib Q&A with Rachel Hollis, Best Selling Author, Founder and CEO of Chic Media

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There are books meant to guide us, and books to make us laugh, and rarely do they go hand-in-hand. At least, not until founder and CEO of Chic Media Rachel Hollis came along. Her latest book, Girl, Wash Your Face¬†(by the way, this is¬†excellent advice) is a best seller, stories from Hollis’ own life giving new layers of understanding and compassion for those moments we all seem to fall into, but can never seem to get ourselves out of. Funny, clever and witty with an abundance of compassion and honesty, Rachel Hollis is definitely the one woman you want giving you advice. BookTrib sat down with Rachel for a quick Q&A about inspiration, writing mindsets, upcoming books, and more!  …

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