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Communion: A True Story

5 Books to Get You Hyped for the Return of The X-Files

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The truth is still out there, The X-Files fans! If you’ve been living under a rock since 1993, it’s a show about FBI agents who investigate unexplainable occurrences like supernatural murders, spooky mutant monsters and alien abductions. It’s one of the longest-running science fiction series in TV history, and features two of the most memorable characters in pop culture: Special Agents Fox Mulder, the zany and sarcastic conspiracy theorist, and Dana Scully, the skeptical realist who performs way too many autopsies. While the original series ended in 2002, the show is returning for a six-episode miniseries run on FOX starting January 24, to the alternating delight and anxiety of the sci-fi thriller’s die-hard fans. Either way, series stars Gillian Anderson…

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