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Just the Right Book Podcast: Marriage and the Art of Living Together

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We have heard these kind of stories a million times. I’m not understood. He doesn’t listen. She spends too much money. I think I married the wrong person. How could she betray me? Are these midlife crises? Are they fatal flaws or are they a rough patch? On this week’s episode we meet Daphne De Marneffe, the author of The Rough Patch: Marriage and the Art of Living Together. She takes us through some of the major stressors of marriage like money and sex, and offers tips for couples who might be going through rough patches or want to avoid them. Daphne is a licensed clinical psychologist offering psychotherapy to couples and individuals. She has a Bachelors degree from Harvard and…

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Review: ‘The Underground Railroad’ is the Best Book of the Year — Maybe the Decade

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Decades before the Civil War, a slave woman named Cora risks her life and runs off a cotton plantation in Georgia. Colson Whitehead’s hero in The Underground Railroad is afraid to take a gamble on so much until she realizes she wouldn’t be risking that much to begin with. Being a slave is not a life anyone would want to live; her livelihood is no livelihood at all. In bondage, Cora merely exists. She must take that ultimate risk: liberty or death. In his novel, Whitehead successfully gets to the heart of how slavery reduces a person to a point beyond recoverable humanity with this masterful, weaving tale of America’s nefarious past. Blending history with fictional innovation, Whitehead breathes life…

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Welcome Back: Already Stressed from School? Read More!

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Move-in day, back-to-school day, whatever you call it, people are going back to class. That essentially means: books on books on books. Regardless of the subject or your major, you’ll be assigned to read 45 books for four courses within the first two weeks (we’re thinking this number is basically accurate!). The horror, the horror. Stressful times like these are perfect opportunities for us to read more. Yes, you read that correctly. ‘Now wait just a second, Matt,’ is probably what you’re saying to yourself, ‘I’m knee deep in schoolwork. There’s just no way I’ll have time to read anything else.’ Well, hypothetical person, hear me out on this. Let me tell you about some of the benefits: You’ll be reading something…

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