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This Month’s Pick: Jesmyn Ward’s “Sing, Unburied, Sing”

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For the month of September, all chapters of the Girly Book Club are reading Jesmyn Ward’s Sing, Buried, Sing (Scribner). Here’s the review that BookTrib filed shortly after the title was published late last year: Sing, Unburied, Sing is a beautifully written, character-driven, heartfelt novel that takes place in the steamy Mississippi Gulf Coast. The story is about a young black girl, Leonie, who has two children: Jojo 13, and Kayla, a toddler. The children’s father, Michael, is white and in prison. Michael’s family is hopelessly racist and rejects Leonie and the children, so they live with Leonie’s parents. Leonie is a drug addict and she is rarely around, so Mam and Pop have stepped in to raise the kids.…

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Chaos Hits Home for the Holidays in ‘The Boyfriend Swap’

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If you are looking for an escape this holiday season, The Boyfriend Swap by Meredith Schorr is just what you need! We step in on an unforgettable character, Robyn, who is a teacher dating an actor. Her family would like for her to meet a guy with ambition and some success but they are always disappointed with the creative types she is drawn to. Sydney is a lawyer at her father’s law firm and she is dating a lawyer. Her father is obsessed with the law and tends to talk business incessantly; something she has no patience for. Ann Marie is Robyn’s roommate and she works for Sydney at the law firm.  The three girls were together at a wine party and…

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Passion and Desire Mix Together in This Week’s Authorbuzz

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Dear Reader, What happens when a human female is impregnated with a Pantera child? A hunt is on to find her! Blade tells the story of a male shifter who escaped captivity, only to become obsessed with finding the human woman who was implanted with his DNA. A woman who’s had her mind altered to believe she was assaulted by the very male who only wished to protect her. Emotions run high. Passion runs deep. And the hope that these two beings from different worlds can find each other again. Please write to [email protected] to win one of five copies.   Dear Reader, In The First Day I wanted to create a character who was committed equally to faith and desire; and…

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QUIZ! Which Rankin/Bass Holiday Special Character Are You?

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Is anything more exciting than when networks start playing all of the Rankin/Bass holiday specials? There’s nothing better than watching our favorite stories with our favorite claymation characters. Ever wonder which character you’d be if you jumped into a Rankin/Bass movie? Take this quiz and find out which one is your kindred spirit.

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