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Writer’s Bone Podcast: Speak No Evil Author Uzodinma Iweala

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In 2013, Sean Tuohy met Daniel Ford at a Halloween party and they immediately hit it off. The Writer’s Bone podcast wasn’t born on that exact night, but they were able to discuss some of their favorite things like writing, screenwriting, books, movies, comedy, and comic books. Daniel and Sean feel that they are in the middle of something very big and wonderful and BookTrib is happy to be a partner in this endeavor.  In this edition, Uzodinma Iweala, author of Beasts of No Nation and Speak No Evil, talks to Daniel Ford about writing in longhand, how he built the characters in his new novel, the themes he wanted to explore in Speak No Evil, and why writers need to listen closely to the…

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DIY MFA Radio Episode 146: Interview with K.M. Weiland — Create Compelling Character Arcs

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This week, Gabriela Pereira interviews author K.M. Weiland about creating strong character arcs. They discuss the three types of character arcs, how to recognize each one, and craft it for maximum effect, plus how to fix a story that has no arc. They also talk about why theme is an essential element in a story, and how to use it well. For more info, go to DIYMFA.com/146. ABOUT DIY MFA Here’s a secret no one ever tells you. The typical MFA (Master of Fine Arts) boils down to one simple formula: Writing + Reading + Community = MFAThis means that to create a do-it-yourself version of the MFA, all you need to do is: write with focus, read with purpose,…

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Just the Right Book! Podcast: Episode 19 — Ann Patchett & Commonwealth

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Just the Right Book! Podcast, hosted by Roxanne Coady of Connecticut’s acclaimed, award-winning, independent bookseller R.J. Julia, is now available on BookTrib.com, the premier website where readers meet writers. The podcast and BookTrib are both dedicated to helping readers find their next favorite read and this pairing will open up a world of great possibilities. In the latest episode, Roxanne Coady talks with Ann Patchett about humor, heartbreak and her new novel, Commonwealth. Ann Patchett is the co-owner of Parnassus Books in Nashville and the author of seven novels. In 2012, Time Magazine named her as one of their 100 Most Influential People in the World. The Bel Canto author recently joined “Just the Right Book” from her home in Nashville…

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