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A Book Worth Savoring: Isabel Vincent’s Dinner with Edward

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Some books challenge you. Others feel like cozy sweaters. It’s rare to find a book that does both. And that’s exactly what Isabel Vincent’s latest memoir, Dinner with Edward: A Story of an Unexpected Friendship (Algonquin Books, May 24, 2016) manages to do, by striking the perfect balance between being bittersweet and making you so damn hungry. Vincent, an investigative journalist for the New York Post, tells the story of her friendship with the 93-year-old father of one of her best friends (who lived out of the country at the time). Edward’s wife of 69 years passes away, and he’s ready to give up on life; Vincent, still reeling from a crumbling marriage, agrees to check up on him once and a while. What begins as…

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Tales of girlhood friendships inspire website and Bittersweet novel

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Bittersweet, the newest novel by Miranda Beverly-Whittemore, is about a difficult friendship between two college-aged girls. The experience of writing the book inspired Beverly-Whittemore to launch the website Friendstories.com, where women share their stories about their own girlhood friendships. This universal theme, combined with its suspense and dark secrets make Bittersweet a must-read for summer. When Mabel Dagmar befriends her blue-blooded college roommate, Genevra Winslow, and is invited to spend the summer at Ev’s family’s compound on Lake Champlain, she believes she’s found the secret to escaping her dark past. But the Winslows have their own family secrets to keep, and ultimately Mabel must decide whether to keep their secrets and her place within their paradise, or reveal them and…

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