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Literary Crushes: The Romantic Leads in Books Who Are Worthy of Your Affection!

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It’s no secret that a bunch of the books we consider uber-romantic are actually kind of creepy. Tweens found Edward Cullen irresistible, despite the fact that he has an over 100 year age difference from his 17-year-old girlfriend. Grown women find Mr. Rochester’s Byronic shtick super sexy, even though he literally locked his wife in an attic for years and dressed up like a creepy “gypsy fortune-teller” to trick his new squeeze into revealing her feelings for him. While we as readers can’t help who we’re desperately attracted to, a lot of the time even the romantic leads who aren’t bad boys still have glaringly problematic issues that I just can’t get over. So, here are some options for literary…

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Man Crush Monday! Book Boyfriends That Have us Swooning

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We heard you and by popular demand the book boyfriends are back in honor of Man Crush Monday (#MCM)! When I first wrote about my book boyfriends, I didn’t realize how hard it would be to narrow it down to only five. I’ve been voraciously reading since I was a kid, and at this point my book-crushes are a little out of control. How could I have skipped Mr. Rochester from Jane Eyre or, as one reader pointed out, Travis Maddox from Beautiful Disaster? And while those two are definitely high up on the list, they aren’t quite in my top 10. Like I said before, a book boyfriend goes beyond a simple appreciation. It’s an all-consuming love, an obsession that continues…

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