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TED Talks: Oscar Schwartz’s Computer Can Write Poetry

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It seems like a silly question: Can a computer write poetry? But then, after writing a poem, will that computer then take over the world? Oscar Schwartz is less concerned with the speculative danger surrounding artificial intelligence – instead, he’s using algorithms to help us figure out what it means to be human. In this intriguing talk from [email protected] from May 2015, Schwartz (who by the way is hilarious on Twitter) discusses his Bot or Not project. The project was started as a website he and his colleague Benjamin Laird created that tests users by having them guess whether or not a poem was written by a human or a computer algorithm. Running these tests, he’s encountered some unique results, and some…

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Review: From Wall-E to the Terminator, Should We Be Worried About AI?

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When you think of artificial intelligence, what is the first thing that pops into your mind? Wall-E? The Terminator? Should we be worried about machines that think? Some of the most influential scientists and technological pioneers of this era are worried about the prospect of artificial intelligence (AI). Stephen Hawking says the advent of AI could “spell the end of the human race.” Elon Musk calls it an “existential threat.” Bill Gates is “concerned.” Popular culture certainly hasn’t helped quell any fears about evil killer robots taking over the planet and enslaving humanity. From spooky classics like The Terminator to modern hits like Ex Machina, we’ve been conditioned to respond to the notion of AI with hostility and fear. However,…

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