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Jon’s Picks: The 7 Best New Thrillers That March Has To Offer

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The Escape Artist (Grand Central), the latest from perennial New York Times bestselling author Brad Meltzer, couldn’t be better timed. That’s because in a time ripe for strong women we’re introduced to Nola Brown, who serves as an army artist responsible for making art, essentially, out of death. From that backdrop, and her own apparent death, Nola becomes a force to be reckoned with, a living participant in one of her own creations as she seeks to lay waste to those who have far more nefarious means in mind. The Meltzer tradition of nonstop twists and turns is keenly on display here, but this is much more of an action thriller than the historical speculative tales for which he is…

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Berenson’s ‘The Prisoner’ Strikes a Delicate Balance Between Fear and Paranoia

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In this age of great distrust, when even the most open-armed neighbor turns out to be a blood-thirsty sleeping cell waiting to enact some extremist cause, suspicion becomes the first natural line of defense, a secondary reflex when culture forces us to internalize the prevalence of danger. The Prisoner will feel like a fresh twist. The setting works in reverse, as the choice of story attempts to excoriate layers upon layers of phobia and paranoia. You could even venture to whisper that the story has a cleansing effect. In this case, John Wells, the main protagonist, is a Muslim convert who goes into hiding in the very epicenter of al Qaeda jihadist world, and so to infiltrate ISIS. Even though…

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