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Dwayne Johnson rocks it in San Andreas

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I can tell you from personal experience that the bond between a father and daughter is unique, profound and indelible. Is it strong enough to make a father miss the big game in order to attend a dance recital? Yes. Will it convince a father to wear a frilly pink hat and take part in a tea party with a bunch of stuffed animals? Sure. But the real question is this: will it send a dad across the length and breadth of a fiery landscape riddled with collapsing buildings, shattered highways and shifting tectonic plates in order to save his little girl? You’re damn right it will. That unbreakable bond between dad and daughter lies at the heart of San…

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My arrogant stupidity ended this beautiful life

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My Uncle Ed ran a bar in Ellsworth, and in the early fifties bought a cabin on Toddy Pond. Nine miles long and a mile across, it had only a few cabins at the end of a long road. There was a beach with white pines on both sides, and the fir and balsam forest behind it stretched a hundred miles to Machias and the Canadian border. Blue Hill rose above the far end, and in early mornings every tree and stone and meadow on the mountain lay inverted on the lake’s silver surface. Moose wandering the shallows stood on their own reflections, and trout made perfect circles as they rose for flies. Mallards patrolled the shore dabbling and quacking, their tails…

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