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Author Colin Atrophy Hagendorf Answers One Question about ‘Slice Harvester’

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Food has the power to save us or kill us. Chicken salad or fried chicken? Sliced apples or French fries? Yes, we should be eating healthy and live omnivore lifestyles with walnuts, granola and grapefruit but, dammit, if I want a bacon-wrapped grilled cheese meatball sandwich I’m going to have it. Whatever your nutritional values, food invokes our communal nature to come together as people with a common goal: getting a great meal. Fellow food lover Colin Atrophy Hagendorf took his infatuation for pizza and made it the centerpiece for his memoir, Slice Harvester: A Memoir in Pizza. While chronicling his life as a self-proclaimed punk wandering around New York City, Hagendorf sets out to have himself a slice at every…

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