The Three-Volume Set by John W. Warner IV 


Little Anton is a gripping historical novel series that discloses covert technological inventions and the prominent leaders who exploited them during the turbulent years leading up to WWII and the Battle of Norway in 1940. Part love story and part satire, the book masterfully interweaves a fictional adventure within factual reportage, revealing in greater detail why Adolf Hitler tasked his personal hero Professor Ferdinand Porsche and his brilliant engineering mind to build the world’s fastest, almost invincible race cars and potent military machines.

The book tracks the life of Dr. Ferdinand Porsche while Hitler rises to power. Porsche and his family are pacifists, but like many industrialist families they get caught up in Germany’s “economic miracle” during the Great Depression and its aftermath. With Hitler’s patronage, Porsche becomes Germany’s heralded “Reich Designer,” creating the Volkswagen Beetle and Auto Union’s futuristic Grand Prix racing cars, which later evolved into the Audi car brand after WWII.

Along with Dr. Porsche, the central characters are the fictional Lady Beatrice Sunderland (Bea), an irreverent and naughty British aristocrat, and Lutz Becker, a dashing young Bavarian race car driver from quite humble origins. These two madcap star-crossed opposites eventually intertwine by the time war breaks out, the attraction as inevitable as the fearsome conflict itself.


John W. Warner IV is a writer and gentleman farmer whose passion for history, vintage cars and the unsung heroes of WWII has inspired two large-scale creative ventures: a DVD documentary series on the early bootlegging days of NASCAR, The Golden Era of NASCAR, and a multi-part book series, Little Anton.

The son of retired Senator John W. Warner III (R-VA), former Secretary of the Navy and Chairman of the Armed Services Committee (KBE), and Catherine Mellon, banking heiress and daughter of philanthropist Paul Mellon (OSS, KBE), Warner says growing up in a family that had a seat at many of the most historically significant tables led to his insatiable quest to find and reveal hidden truths behind world events.

A self-described “gear head,” Warner has spent most of his adult life quenching his thirst for knowledge about race cars, first as a professional Grand Am and American Le Mans Series racing driver (becoming, by his own admission, a “middle of the pack man” behind the wheel of a Corvette GT1 and a Porsche GT3R), and later researching the history of the sport for his NASCAR DVD series and his Little Anton book series.

The Little Anton series will continue with the sequel entitled Lion, Tiger, Bear. This mystery thriller is set amid the Desert War of 1942-3, where the hunt is on for a secret Nazi SS mining operation and aircraft base in Iraq directly linked to Germany’s multiple atomic bomb programs.


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“If you’re as obsessed with WWII stories, then you’ll love curling up with Little Anton. Warner takes readers on an epic, white-knuckle ride through one of history’s most chilling untold stories.”

“Warner’s writing is crisp; I felt transported in time and place. It was easy to visualize the characters as the dialogue was fresh.”

“It is obvious the author spent a great deal of time painstakingly researching the people and events in the book.“

“A riveting book that cleverly weaves history, technology, the occult and feminism all into one! If you are a historical novel fan, this book is a must-read!”

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