It Takes More Than One Impression to Make An Impression

You’re on your way with a book review on the BookTrib website.

BookTrib offers four affordable ways to extend your exposure even further to passionate readers and “bookfluencers.”


BookTrib will create your own webpage parked in our “Author Discovery Zone”

  • We build a “home” for you on
  • Your expansive webpage introduces you and your book to a reader community that buys books.
  • We link back to drive readers to your website.


Readers crave to learn more about the authors we feature. Here’s how the Author Spotlight does it:

  • This promotion puts you and your book front and center on the BookTrib homepage (one million impressions per month)
  • Readers want to get to know you, and our author Q&A takes readers deeper inside your work
  • Links back to your book review for more reinforcement
  • Placed squarely at the top center of BookTrib’s homepage for two weeks, more exposure


  • Your giveaway runs for a full week on, allowing readers to enter
  • Your book cover is splashed again on BookTrib homepage
  • Another chance for readers to learn more about your book
  • We cast a wide net of exposure on social media (40k followers) and our newsletter (15k subscribers)
  • Give away as many books as you want! We send you the winners’ names and addresses so you can even send a personal message with your book
  • Build your newsletter list with the names of the winners


  • BookTrib writes and publishes “listicles” all the time. Now you can be included in one of them: we’ll even create a listicle around your book!
    • Be in the company of other great authors
    • Be in a format readers love – easy, fun and shareable
    • Reach new readers

    Price for inclusion in a BookTrib listicle….$350

Four affordable and effective ways to entice passionate readers to buy your book…
one impression after another….after another.

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