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Robert Hemingway
is a junior at Brien McMahon High school where he attends the Center for Global Studies program, and studies Chinese. Growing up in Montana, Robbie has dedicated much of his life to reading, hiking, writing and, of course, video games. He enjoys writing sci-fi, adventure, and most of all, Romance. Some of his favorite authors are R.A. Salvatore, Kurt Vonnegut, F.Scott Fitzgerald and Ernest Hemingway. Most of all, Robbie hopes his own accomplishments in writing will encourage others to pursue their own.

Ernest Hemingway’s Great Grandson, Robert Hemingway, Discovers Himself Through Writing

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A creative mind is more often than not palpable; you can hold it in your hand, hear it through your ears, or read it with your eyes. Where painters or musicians express their creativity through canvas or a music sheet, a writer will pour their creativity onto the page, enchanting each word and building deep and complex worlds. This is the path I have chosen, and I’m not alone. Every writer, regardless of genre, who may not even have a published piece, will have an impact on the lives of others as long as the writing is shared. Inspiration can spread like a wildfire; let the pages be a kindling that will never burn out. When I was younger, and…

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