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Don’t Call it a Resolution, Call it ‘A Year of Inspired Living’

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More people than ever will be journaling this January, with encouragement from author Kelly McGrath Martinsen. In her new book, A Year of Inspired Living, Martinsen speaks with wisdom, tongue-in-cheek self-effacing humor, and raw honesty to help readers reach into the hidden corners of their lives and develop a greater awareness of their own personal relationships and journeys. Life stories followed by reflective journaling make for a therapeutic and fulfilling combination. For all of you wanting to make a real change in the coming New Year, this book, which focuses on nurturing the soul, is for you. Martinsen takes a remarkably refreshing approach to writing about self-improvement with her book. She interlaces knowledge of the publishing process and her cultivated…

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Author Rick Pullen Gets Fired Up Over His New Book, ‘The Apprentice’

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“Virtual Coffee With” is a new column on BookTrib where we chat via email or social media with some of today’s most prolific writers.  For our inaugural interview we connected with award-winning investigative reporter, magazine editor and author Rick Pullen.  Pullen, who is best known for his 2016 thriller, Naked Ambition, is also a BookTrib contributor. Here is our virtual chat with Pullen about his latest release, The Apprentice, what inspires him and how he made the successful transition from award-winning journalist to bestselling novelist.  BT: How did the transition come about, from a career in investigative journalism to publishing your first fiction book? How did it change your process of writing? RP: I went from reporter to editor, so I’ve been a magazine…

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