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Jerri Williams
Jerri Williams served 26 years as a Special Agent with the FBI. She often jokes that she is reliving her glory days by writing crime fiction full-time. Her prior professional encounters with scams and schemers will provide plot lines for many years. Her debut crime thriller – Pay to Play – features a female FBI agent investigating corruption in the Philadelphia strip club industry and her second novel – Greedy Givers – will be released in June. Both were inspired by actual true crime FBI cases. Jerri is host of FBI Retired Case File Review podcast.

True Crime: A Podcast That Goes Inside the FBI Through Literature

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FBI investigations and FBI agents are often used as inspiration by writers as they pen climactic crime stories and heart-thumping thrillers. However, most people, including writers, have never met a real FBI agent. The only connections they have with the FBI are the ones they make through books, TV, and movies. When real FBI agents call someone on the phone or show up at a business or residence to investigate actual cases, the response or cooperation they receive is often influenced by the last book that person read or TV show they watched about the FBI. How does anyone know if these portrayals are accurate or full of clichés and misconceptions? Why not just eavesdrop on the FBI? Problem solved.…

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