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Ellen Urbani
Ellen Urbani is the author of Landfall, a Women’s National Book Association 2016 Great Group Reads selection and winner of the Maria Thomas fiction award and the French Prix des Lecteurs. She also penned a memoir, When I Was Elena, a Book Sense Notable selection documenting her life in Guatemala during the final years of that country’s civil war. Her writing has appeared in The New York Times, The Oregonian, The Rumpus, numerous anthologies, and has been widely excerpted.

Tall Poppies Review: Nomi Eve’s ‘Henna House’ is Thrilling in Concept and Reality

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Sometime in the middle years of my twenties, my sister and my cousin hennaed my breasts on a lark, using a dime-store-quality kit we bought off a mysterious woman at a street fair. It was summer. The air was heavy. The moon was full. It all made sense at the time. I had no idea how very close we came to correctly approximating the tradition of henna, which I did not understand to be such a robust and ritualized art form until I read Nomi Eve’s Henna House. Historical fiction thrills me in concept and reality; the idea that while being entertained I might also learn something vital; the possibility of acquiring – by osmosis! by accident! – facts and…

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