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Diane Haeger
Diane Haeger is the bestselling author of 15 novels, both historical and contemporary, including the award-winning historical novel, COURTESAN. She has moved back and forth through time, from writing about the lost loves of Pablo Picasso and William Tecumseh Sherman, to crafting a series set in Tudor England titled “In the Court of Henry VIII”, as well as penning contemporary novels set in the Scottish Highlands. Haeger holds a bachelor’s degree in English Literature, a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and, to date, her books have been translated into 16 languages.

Tall Poppies Review: ‘Entanglement’: A Story of Friendship, Loyalty, and Struggles

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Entanglement by Katie Rose Guest Pryal is an evocative story of enduring friendship and the ties that bind. Charismatic Daphne, and her more reserved best friend Greta, both have troubled pasts so they are anxious to start an exciting new chapter in Los Angeles near the glitz and glamour of Hollywood. No matter what happens, they know they have each other. The girls quickly find work and a cute, quirky apartment. When they can’t immediately afford furniture they make the best of things and sleep on the floor where they muse together about their ambitions and dreams. With care and tenderness, Daphne guides Greta through the painstaking death of her mother, who had been suffering with a terminal illness. Steadfast…

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