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ICYMI: ‘Killing Jane’ Takes Jack the Ripper By the Throat

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I liked this book very much and would give it five stars!  It was well written and the characters were fully developed.  All in all, a great thriller and we’re hoping there will be more to come from this author. Murders mimicking the savagery of the most infamous serial killer of all time abound in Stacy Green’s mystery/thriller, Killing Jane, which remind us that violence can surface at any time and come from the most unlikely sources. What if Jack the Ripper was really Jane the Ripper? This new book poses this question based on a theory of a London cop from the 19th century that Jack was really a woman. Washington D.C. police detective Erin Prince discovers, as her…

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Imagine the USA without John Lennon

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Since immigration is on the tip of every politician’s tongue in the United States and abroad, making headlines on a daily basis, a book about the most influential and bitterly contested deportation case in U.S. history is timely to say the least. Though the case about the attempted deportation of John Lennon and Yoko Ono in the new book, John Lennon vs. The USA (Ankerwycke Books, August 7, 2016) took place with the expected media fanfare over 40 years ago when President Richard Nixon wanted them out of the country due to their politics, it is still relevant today. Immigration has become a political football between U.S. presidential candidates Donald Trump, who wants to build a wall to prevent undocumented Mexican…

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