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Siciliana  by Carlo Treviso’


Carlo Treviso’s debut novel Siciliana (Trevixo Originale Books) takes the historic event known as the War of the Sicilian Vespers and infuses it with heroic characters of near-mythic proportions. In high, swashbuckling style, he describes how this six-week insurrection against the oppressive rule of French King Charles I lefts thousands dead in a desperate conflict for survival, independence and the preservation of the fiery Sicilian spirit.

Cameron Kimball, an editor at BookTrib, chatted with Treviso to discuss the inspiration behind Siciliana, his experience as a first-generation Sicilian American and its impact on the story, his method for crafting the novel and some of the real-life locations featured in some of the most pivotal scenes. Watch the interview to step into the world of 13th century Sicily with Treviso as your guide, and find our full review of Siciliana here.

Siciliana  by Carlo Treviso’
Publish Date: March 28, 2022
Author: Carlo Treviso’
Page Count: 481 pages
Publisher: Trevixo Originale Books
ISBN: 978-1737457701
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