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“This book was a refreshing read. As we learn about Mark’s life, we can draw a wealth of knowledge from both his successes and his failures. Mitzi Perdue tells Mark’s story in an interesting way.” —Amazon reviewer

“I highly recommend it to anyone who is open to learn priceless strategies for reaching their full potential and enriching their lives and the lives of those around them.” —Amazon reviewer


Who is Mark Victor Hansen?

Mitzi Perdue spoke with many of the important people who inspired Mark Victor Hansen along the way and to those with whom he made a true difference in their lives.

It’s hard to imagine one man able to conquer so many mountains. He did it by never letting any obstacle get in his way and by inspiring others to make a difference in the world around them. His story is exceptional, but it is his extraordinary perseverance and generosity that led to his long-term success.

Mitzi Perdue is a meticulous writer who captures the essence of Mark with true stories from his life, both humorous and poignant. These stories are inspiring and amazing in showing the tenacity of one man who learned early in his life, in order to receiver, first you must give.

The book has won the Literary Titan Award for Nonfiction.

Relentless: Mark Victor Hansen is available for purchase here.